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Iconary showcases the world’s first AI system capable of playing a Pictionary-style drawing and guessing game together with a human partner. In Iconary, you team up with the AllenAI artificial intelligence to either draw or guess a set of unique phrases. There are a limited set of icons available to compose your drawing – can you communicate successfully with AllenAI to win the game?

AllenAI combines advanced computer vision, language understanding, and common sense reasoning to make guesses based on your drawings and to produce its own complex scenes for you to try to guess. Iconary is the one of the first times an AI system is paired in a collaborative game with a human player instead of antagonistically working against them. AllenAI is capable of both understanding and producing a nearly infinite combination of real-world scenarios represented in the phrases in Iconary, a compelling example of the potential of common sense for AI and the power of human-AI collaboration.

AI2 is proud to announce the world’s first AI system that can play a Pictionary-style drawing and guessing game collaboratively with a human partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there more information available about how the AllenAI system works?
The PRIOR team at AI2 will publish more about the model behind AllenAI and Iconary later this year, stay tuned!
Is the Iconary data set available for download?
The data behind Iconary will be made available later this year.
What data does the Iconary game capture?
We gather information from your use of Iconary consistent with our Privacy Policy.


Iconary was proudly built by the PRIOR team of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence.

  • Ani Kembhavi
    Ani Kembhavi
  • Jordi Salvador
    Jordi Salvador
  • Dustin Schwenk
    Dustin Schwenk
  • Eric Kolve
    Eric Kolve
  • Alvaro Herrasti
    Alvaro Herrasti
  • Sachin Mehta
    Sachin Mehta
  • Sam Skjonsberg
    Sam Skjonsberg
  • Aaron Sarnat
    Aaron Sarnat
  • Carissa Schoenick
    Carissa Schoenick
  • Jonghyun Choi
    Jonghyun Choi
  • Hannaneh Hajishirzi
    Hannaneh Hajishirzi
  • Ali Farhadi
    Ali Farhadi
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